Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks For Visiting

This blog simply provides some organized lists of posts found on a few related blogs. "The Sponge" is a work in progress. New links are added often as well as entire new sections. If you would like to comment or provide any feedback or ideas for this blog, please feel free to use the comment section below this post. If you have a favorite link or section, this would be a great place to mention it for possible discussion. Thank you. :o)

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  1. Thank you..we do have TERESA HEINTZ down with TED TURNER and DICK CHENEY and " DIE YOUNG".
    Andao done said add to that list - DISNEY?
    And yes,we got the GESSIS and tortures HYST- WHYST- HYLAR.
    But the question for many is why such GREED ARK with CK- MOTT- UGGS- REESES- RITE AID- DELL- etc..when so many of you were already billionaires?
    Perhaps that will go in your favor if you say you were insane for " kid fucking"?
    But then, again, there was all the torture and throne games of
    " 99"...MAINE?
    Was this with SIR LANCELOT?
    Hmmm...maybe not so good.
    And then you also had the SOULPANCAKES with the COWSCULA and Q- COW and SCOMPO...and this was with BEDGOSTS- in OSIRIS?
    Very ,very, very, bad.
    And then HOURPORE?